About Us

Passionate about Mountains, Food, and Family
My in-laws on a Picnic in 1963…our Picnic roots go way back!

Asheville Picnic Company was born out of a passion for the beauty of Western North Carolina and the local foods that make us unique.

People flock to our area to breathe in the mountain air, enjoy stunning vistas, and take part in the abundant recreational activities.

We have been taking our boys on Picnics since they were little…this picture is from 2009 when they were 2 and 4.

They also come here for the food….really good food! With the nickname “Foodtopia”, Asheville does not disappoint with its myriad of food artisans.

We started Asheville Picnic company to combine nature, delicious local food, and a gathering of your favorite people to turn moments into cherished memories.

My boys on a Picnic after a football game…no need for fancy occasion, we just love eating outside!

We are committed to providing sustainability, recyclable and compostable packaging, being socially responsible, and providing unparalleled customer service in every Picnic we create.

We are proud to be Western North Carolina’s only full service, luxury Picnic experience...let us help you experience “A Taste of Asheville in a Basket".